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Highly Visible Effective Scented Billboards - Custom Designed Car Air Fresheners

An effective advertising specialty item re-introduces your product, service, and message time and time again to your current and future customers.

We will imprint your design, logo or message in any color on any shape deodorizer to make your car air freshener unique.  Your air fresheners are professionally made from the best raw materials available in the world.

Custom air fresheners are a cost efficient and effective means of drawing attention to your company and message in a BIG way!

Choose from over 20 fragrances, 888+ stock shapes and unlimited colors to create your one of a kind scented billboard.

  • Paper car air fresheners are light and small, excellent for mailing.
  • Attract More Attention!
  • Increase repeat business
  • Multi-purpose promotion - Maximize budget
  • Create awareness and excitement in target products or services
  • Incorporate coupon or store information.
  • Co-op advertising opportunity
  • Cross Sell - Motivate customer to visit web site to view other great offers
  • Add value and increase enthusiasm for promotion!
  • All for pennies a piece!

Promote Your business with a custom Air Freshener . . . It makes Good Scents!

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