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Air fresheners are printed by one of 2 methods.  They are either SCREEN printed or OFFSET printed.  So, what is the difference?

SCREEN Printing OFFSET Printing
Screen printing is used for printing spot colors.  Ink is applied through screens that can be equated to stencils for each color. Offset printing is used for printing full color or 4 color process.  This printing method has a similar output to your own color printer.  Using 4 colors (CMYK) any color can be created.
Although the number of colors is limited in a particular design, the result is brilliant, sharp and consistent on each piece. Photographic pictures can be printed clearly.  The quality of the end result is equal to the quality of the graphic.  What goes in comes out.  There can be a slight color variance from piece to piece.
There is no minimum quantity for screen printing.  1 page can be printed.  Printing more pages takes more time. The minimum run for offset printing is 1,000  pieces.  This is due, in part, to the speed of the equipment.
Over or under runs can be easily controlled and will be a maximum of 5%. Over or under runs are limited to 10%, but are usually more for quality control and again due to the printing speed.
Artwork needs to be provided in a vector format. Artwork can be accepted in vector jpg or tiff format, but no less than 300 dpi - with lots of pixels!
Lead time is 3 weeks and rush service is usually available. Lead time is 4 weeks.  Rush service is not usually available.
Product proof - an actual sample of a finished piece can be made. Additional charge will apply and takes about a week.  Actual proof - is not really offered.  A press proof can be made.  Like it sounds it is a sample from the print run.  It is costly and takes about 3 weeks.
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